Bargaining Unit 4 Contract

Bargaining Unit 4 Contract: What You Need to Know

Bargaining Unit 4 is a group of state employees that includes administrative support, accounting, information technology, and other non-technical classifications. The Bargaining Unit 4 Contract is an agreement between the state of California and the union representing these employees, the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA).

The current Bargaining Unit 4 Contract covers the period from July 2, 2018, to July 1, 2022. Here are some important provisions of the contract:

Wages and Benefits: Under the contract, Bargaining Unit 4 employees receive regular pay increases, with raises of 2.5% in July 2018, 3% in July 2019, 3% in July 2020, and 3% in July 2021. The contract also includes provisions for health care, retirement benefits, and other benefits.

Vacation and Leave: The contract provides for paid vacation and sick leave, as well as other types of leave such as bereavement leave, personal necessity leave, and jury duty leave. The amount of vacation leave is based on the employee`s length of service.

Overtime and Shift Differential: The contract sets out the rules for overtime pay and shift differential pay. Employees are entitled to overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 hours in a workweek, and for hours worked on their seventh consecutive day of work. Shift differential pay is paid to employees who work evening or night shifts.

Layoffs and Job Security: The contract includes provisions for layoffs, including notice requirements and priority reemployment rights. The contract also provides for job security through a « no-layoff » clause, which states that an employee cannot be laid off due to lack of work or lack of funds, except in certain limited circumstances.

Discipline and Grievances: The contract sets out the procedures for discipline and grievances. Employees have the right to file grievances over matters such as wages, hours, and working conditions, and the contract provides for a multistep process for resolving these disputes.

Overall, the Bargaining Unit 4 Contract provides important protections and benefits for state employees in this classification. If you are a Bargaining Unit 4 employee, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract and to seek guidance from your union representatives if you have any questions or concerns.